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Isn’t food wonderful? So many of our traditions and memories are centered in food. Everyone has a family member who makes the best something, and we’ve all felt the immense pressure and satisfaction from cooking for guests. Food is amazing and it brings us together. Food is community and life.

But food is also tricky. We sometimes associate morality with food and decide that a brownie is bad and a carrot is good. Or we feel guilty for indulging and good about ourselves for choosing broccoli. Or worse, we associate our own personal worth with what is on our plates. We turn to eating when we’re sad, or we deny ourselves nourishment when we’re angry. We search for the best nutrition advice and obsess over numbers and ingredients. Food is not easy.

But here we are, searching for something a little different. My desire is to create a community and a space where food can be amazing, and we can figure out what to do when food is tricky. Let us eat.